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Redskins Land a New Head Coach -- Finally

I was born in Washington D.C. and my dad used to be a Redskins' season-ticket holder, in the pre-Lombardi days when they were a joke year after year. So that might give you an idea of what football team I follow.

Anyway, the Skins finally ended their endless search for a head coach to take over the reigns from Joe Gibbs. And in typical (owner) Dan Snyder style, they did the strangest thing possible and promoted their just-hired offensive coordinator, Jim Zorn, to head coach. They interviewed everyone except me for the job, and I half expected a call from head honcho (and extremely scary-looking guy; seriously, would you want him babysitting your kids?) Vinny Cerrato asking me if I was available.

Jim Zorn? He's never been a head coach at any level. He was a good QB for the Seahawks for a long time, and is a highly-regarded assistant. But he's never even been a coordinator in the NFL. Head coach? Wow.

I will say I'd prefer Zorn to Jim Fassell, who was the leading candidate for weeks. I just can't fathom the thought of an ex-Giants coach leading my beloved, dysfunctional Redskins. But I would've liked former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams or, even better, ex-Hog and well-thought-of assistant Russ Grimm in that slot. I assume it has a lot to do with Zorn's ability to develop quarterbacks; the Skins have a very promising young guy named Jason Campbell as their future, and he does need some coaching-up. But will he be able to put in the time necessary to do the job right, with all the other duties a HC has? We'll see.

Oh, and Snyder, if you're reading this ("as if", as Wayne would say), sell the team. Now. You're an embarrassment to Skins fans everywhere.

Posted by Keith Ward on 02/09/2008 at 12:48 PM


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