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Feedback: Multiple Consoles OK

I recently asked you for feedback about the viability of a single console for managing your virtual and physical environment, vs. using more than one interface. Would it impact your buying decision, as an admin? Here's a thoughtful answer to that, by an admin out West who works for a local government and asked that his name not be used:

"Quick Answer: No.

We've been using VMware in our production environment for the past six months with a growing implementation. In my humble opinion it is not a big deal that I need to use Virtual Center for my VMs and other Microsoft tools for the physical boxes. Sometimes multiple simple tools are of more value than the monolithic approach where an admin can supposedly do all things. I must admit that I don't have any experience in the Microsoft VM environment. "

Interesting response. Microsoft, you may have read, just released a public beta of its Virtual Machine Manager, and it touts its ability to manage not only physical and virtual machines, but VMware's ESX hypervisor as well. The ability to manage more than just the physical is something Citrix pushes as well. Is it only a matter of time before VMware adds similar functionality? What do you think?

Posted by Keith Ward on 05/05/2008 at 12:48 PM


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