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Coming Soon: Sept./Oct. Issue of Virtualization Review

Since the next print issue of the magazine has kept me from blogging this week, I thought I'd give you a sneak preview of what you can expect when it hits your real Inbox.

Our cover story is about VMware, and where the company goes next. With the extraordinary amount of management turnover, how will it respond? Will the virtualization leader stay that way, or is it hearing footsteps from Microsoft, Citrix, Novell, Sun, Red Hat et al.? Is Paul Maritz the right person for the job? We'll try and answer those questions.

In another feature, Executive Editor Tom Valovic examines in detail the virtual desktop infrastructure segment of the virtualization industry. There's lots of smoke surrounding the technology, also known as hosted desktop; how much fire is there? Tom looks at those issues and surveys the key players.

Yours truly looks at Microsoft's virtualization offensive from a management point of view. Why should you consider Redmond's solutions? What separates its offerings from the competition? I take on those questions.

Freelancer Rick Vanover did a yeoman's job reviewing three virtualization planning products, giving the pros and cons of each. Included in his product roundup are CiRBA's Data Center Intelligence, Novell's PowerRecon, and VMware's Capacity Planner.

We also have our usual columns from Virtual Advisor Chris Wolf, who discusses the strengths and weaknesses of various virtual storage options, and Virtual Architect Greg Wolf, who does some myth busting about Hyper-V.

We also have full coverage of VMworld, Microsoft's recent announcements about Hyper-V and Virtual Machine Manager, Oracle's Virtualization play, Cisco's virtual strategy and more. Whew! Sounds like an issue stuffed as full of goodness as a Thanksgiving turkey.

I hope you're all enjoying the print magazine (as well as the Web site, of course). I wanted to pass along one very nice compliment I got at VMworld about our last issue (about planning a virtual environment). One attendee said he opened the magazine, started reading through it, and grabbed a highlighter and started marking it up; ";You know a magazine is good when you start doing that,"; he said to me. As an editor, you can't get higher praise than that. I hope you will all continue to pass along compliments, and even more importantly, suggestions as to how we can make Virtualization Review magazine even better. I'm listening.

Posted by Keith Ward on 10/02/2008 at 12:48 PM


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