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What Do IT Managers Think About Storage Virtualization?

There are surveys and there are surveys. One conducted recently by Symantec was hardly what you would call scientific because of the sample size just wasn’t large enough (a catch and grab at a trade show.) But it did shed some light on the current thinking of IT managers on some of the trials and tribulations that might be expected in implementing storage virtualization.

The survey targeted IT storage managers, system administrators, managers, and C-level. Some of the findings: both storage management and backup/recovery were the top challenges in VMware environments with nearly a third of respondents indicating that their data protection software for virtual environments is lacking.

In addition, the top two backup challenges cited were “too much I/O overhead” (41 percent) and “scheduling backups” (46 percent). Other key data points: nearly 20 percent of respondents indicated that they back up the entire physical server instead of individual virtual machines; and only 30 percent said that recovering individual files from a virtual machine is easy.

In our July issue, we’ll be looking into what’s driving the storage market with an industry snapshot. Stay tuned.

Posted by Tom Valovic on 05/15/2008 at 12:49 PM


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