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VMware and Wordperfect?

As you can well imagine, a magazine editor (i.e. human scanner) reads an enormous amount of material in the course of a week. One of the bloggers who is drawing my attention these days is Kevin Fogarty over at Computerworld. A recent posting of Kevin’s comparing VMware to Banyan, DEC, and Wordperfect was worth the price of admission. Here’s what he said:

I realize that it's a tradition in the computer industry, but I find it a little disappointing to see virtualisation giant VMware following the same competitive marketing obsession that made industry powerhouses of Banyan Systems, WordPerfect, Digital Equipment and Novell. Each of those companies, at one time, were considered absolutely dominant in their own markets and gradually lost those positions partially by focusing on the elegant engineering of their original product set and failing to recognise the point at which customers began to take that function for granted.

Another blogger I like to make sure I’m getting regular feeds from is Dan Kusnetzky. Dan was an IDC colleague back in the day when we both worked in the Enterprise Computing Group. He’s got a sharp wit and is a great observer of the virtualization scene. Dan has some interesting comments about Virtualization 2.0 in a recent posting.

Any interesting blog sites or comments you’ve run into lately? Share them here or in email.

Posted by Tom Valovic on 06/10/2008 at 12:49 PM


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