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More Clarity on Microsoft and Hosted Desktop

Las Vegas, September 17 --  Here at VMworld, Microsoft’s Scott Woodgate made some interesting comments about the company’s stance on the hosted desktop market. This is the competitive segment where Microsoft goes up against VMware’s VDI solution and of course VDI was given major emphasis by CEO Paul Maritz here at the show. I blogged earlier about my doubts and concerns about the company’s short and long term approach to having a competitive offering here.

Woodgate pointed out that laptop adoption, pushing a 50% threshold, is something that could be an impediment to this market. I think it’s a fair point. From my own perspective I also wonder how the increasing presence of real-time traffic on enterprise networks generated by things like unified communications, VOIP, and Cisco’s big push towards videoconferencing will affect this market.

Overall, the conversation only served to reinforce my perceptions that this is not a market segment where the company will be devoting a ton of resources in the short term. This was underscored by Woodgate’s comment that there “probably has been an overly significant focus on VDI."

Posted by Tom Valovic on 09/17/2008 at 12:49 PM


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