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Gartner: Virtualization in 2009 Is Top Strategic Technology

A recent report in Computerworld says that “Gartner Inc. has ranked virtualization as the No. 1 strategic technology for next year, not for its ‘tremendously obvious’ ability to virtualize servers, but for its increasing capability to virtualize just about everything else in a data center.” (In last year's report, virtualization was ranked No. 5.) Gartner says the disruptive potential of the technologies considered was a major factor in the selection criteria used.

Others making the list include cloud computing at No. 2 which didn’t appear at all on last year's version (interesting) and computing fabrics in the third spot. Finally to round out the list in order, there’s web-oriented architecture (no brainer), enterprise mashups (another no brainer), specialized systems (huh?), social software and social networking, unified communications (uh-oh there it is again..see my colleague Lee Pender’s excellent blog on this topic), and business intelligence which is a new entry. Rounding out the list at No. 10 is Green IT. (Green IT last? In this new environment? Sorry, Gartner, don’t think so.)

Posted by Tom Valovic on 10/15/2008 at 12:49 PM


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