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Simtone is an interesting company to watch. I’ll tell you why. They're way ahead of the thin client curve. But if the trends that they’re helping to jumpstart actually gain serious momentum (which could take a while…and of course they need to execute on their vision), the company could become successful very fast. The market? Mobile thin clients hosted by carriers along the lines of a Blackberry model and maybe even devices that can accommodate voice (although be advised that this latter is my own speculation…Mario Dal Canto, the company’s CEO, would not spill those particular beans with me in a recent conversation with both him and the company’s Senior EVP of Carrier Business Lorenzo Mejia).

While mobile thin clients sound like a nice idea, we’re nowhere near that as a reality because the wireless bandwidth just isn’t there to support it. But that will change when carriers start offering GSM-based, HSPA. Dal Canto thinks that we’ll start to see this coming onstream sometime next year. The company currently has trials going with 3 major European carriers and a US operator involving its USP and VSP software platforms for delivering cloud computing services. Currently the solution supports both VMware and Microsoft virtualization configurations.

Posted by Tom Valovic on 11/12/2008 at 12:49 PM


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