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VMworld 2012 Public Session Voting Open -- Need Your Help!

The VMworld 2012 excitement is definitely heating up and for those of you who really want to keep some of us nervous all summer long, vote for our sessions. VMworld 2012 public session voting is now open and will remain so until June 8.

VMware receives an enormous amount of sessions each year and factors in public voting to determine what sessions should be delivered at VMworld. This year, I have two sessions, 1857 and 1978, that I am hoping you are interested in and as a result can help get them selected by voting for them. Creating a VMworld account is free and that is the only way you can vote, and you can create an account whether or not you are attending VMworld. The link to VMworld is at

Session 1857: Steps for Building an Enterprise Consumerization Strategy
An enterprise consumerization strategy is made up of several technologies that need to be integrated and coordinated to deliver the expected experience. IT has to figure out how to mobilize applications, which applications go first and on what platform?

IT has to also deal with BYOD and shift its mindset from one of controlling devices to one of governing devices and data. Where does desktop virtualization fit in all this? What about data mobility? And finally should the enterprise invest in social collaboration solutions?

Does MDM/MAM has a role to play? A lot can be involved in developing a strategy and the challenge for IT is to frame it all out and then weave it together.

In this session, we will identify the steps needed to build a consumerization strategy and how the different technologies integrate and why the careful selection is crucial.

Session 1978: SocialCast is the Desktop of the Future
Octopus, Horizon, View and SocialCast are the perfect elements for constructing the new desktop. What constitues a desktop? It is a place where data and applications are aggregated and where we use applications to manipulate data into meaningful resources.

In a world moving towards the cloud, what better place than SocialCast to become the new desktop? Imagine SocialCast with Octopus integration, so that dragging and collaborating with data is easy, where VMware View and AppBlast can launch applications based on file extensions, a location where you have access to SaaS, Web and Mobile apps, and an enterprise collaboration tool which minimizes your reliance on e-mail and improves business. Imagine more integration with services like WebEx and GoToMeeting and you end up with the perfect cloud desktop.

I also want to enlist your help for the following sessions by Rick Vanover, John Walsh and Bruno Sousa:

Session 2311: Design, Deploy and Optimize Infrastructure and Operations for vSphere
Bringing tools made specifically for VMware to today's infrastructure for the best performance and options for the platform.

Session 2319: Design, Deploy and Optimize High-Performance Backups and Replications for vSphere
Backups don't have to be slow and cumbersome. See how the right tools AND the right configuration take the performance to the next level.

And I cannot forget the "amazatizing" David Davis with the following sessions:

Session 2931: Top 25 Free Tools for vSphere Management - NEW in 2012
Managing vSphere is easy with the right tools, but those tools don't have to cost you a dime. For the third year in a row, one of the Top 5 VMworld sessions returns! Find the best free tools that you need to make your life easier and improve your virtual infrastructure (including those from VMware Labs). We've tested them all and you'll see them in action with videos and live demos, all updated for 2012.

Session 2921: Cloud for Dummies - No BS Guarantee
Cloud computing is over-hyped but don't let that stop you from getting started. You need cloud computing knowledge and, with a no-BS-guarantee, find out how cloud can help you, what you need to learn, and how to build your own cloud infrastructure lab environment from two independent vExperts.

Session 2927: Building a vCloud Director Home Lab - Stories From The Trenches
Learning vCloud Director is the next step in your career in virtualization, but learning it doesn't have to be as difficult as you might think. In this session, you'll learn the "stories from the trenches": on building a vCloud Director lab, how to get your own lab up fast & free, and the best vCD resources available today.

Session 2911: Pass the First Time - VCP Certification Bootcamp
Achieving or upgrading your VCP is crucial to your personal and career success. Learn all the topics you need to know and how to pass the first time from two independent vExperts.

Now that will keep you busy for an afternoon, and for those of you that take the time out of your busy day to help us out, let me thank you ahead of time on behalf of all the speakers in these sessions. If you have any comments on the sessions or what you would like to see covered in them, please add them here.

Posted by Elias Khnaser on 05/30/2012 at 12:49 PM


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