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Configuring Citrix Remote Access To Support Windows 8 RT

Welcome to Windows 8 Land! I have been coming across many customers who are starting to play with Windows 8 RT and trying to connect it to their Citrix infrastructures -- with little luck. The reason? Evolution! Most organizations are still using Citrix infrastructure components that are not compatible with Windows 8 RT.

If you are using Web Interface or Citrix Secure Gateway or both, together, then there lies your problems. These two components must be upgraded before a Windows 8 RT client will be able to remotely connect.

There are three requirements for Windows 8 RT remote connectivity as follows:

  1. Upgrade to Access gateway 10.x or higher: Customers who are still using the Citrix Secure Gateway should be thinking about upgrading to the Access Gateway, which comes in many different editions. For something similar to the CSG, the Access Gateway VPX would be a good alternative.
  2. Citrix Receiver for Windows 8 Tech Preview.
  3. Upgrade Web Interface to StoreFront 1.x or newer. We all love Web Interface, and while StoreFront still does not capture all the features of Web Interface, it most certainly has the ones needed for Windows 8 RT connectivity. Thus, it would be a good time to start considering an upgrade.

Another good reason to start considering StoreFront is the fact that the HTML 5 client will only work with StoreFront. Now you have two reasons -- Windows 8 RT and HTML 5 client -- to consider an upgrade. Beware, however, that the Citrix Secure Gateway will not work with StoreFront, so when you plan your upgrade make sure you are mapping the different components and know what the prerequisites are for the upgrade.

Are you using StoreFront or trying to use Windows 8 RT? I am interested in some of the challenges you have faced and how you have overcome them. Please share in the comments here.

Posted by Elias Khnaser on 12/03/2012 at 3:01 PM


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