Seeing Through the Clouds

Availablility and diversity are on the rise.


Virtual Acceleration

By John Premus, Daniel Beveridge

Will Windows 7 prove to be a catalyst for adopting desktop virtualization technologies?

What's in the Cloud for Users?

By Eric Beehler

The concept of private clouds provides a lot of promise, but the technology is not inexpensive. Here's what vendors can actually offer today-and how much it will cost.

Top 10 Storage Virtualization Trends of 2010

By David Strom

The storage area network (SAN) is now an essential technology for many large and midsize enterprises.

Editor's Note

Keeping You on the Cutting Edge

By Bruce Hoard

Early in my editorial career, I'd occasionally cross paths with a well-known, well-connected and highly paid consultant who once declared, "Once the trade press stops writing about a technology, users start to use it."

The vWord

Change for the Better

By Scott Lowe

You might say that geeks are naturally disposed toward virtualization. In the early years of virtualization's adoption, you would've been correct.

Everyday Virtualization

Application and Infrastructure Battle Lines

By Rick Vanover

For infrastructure administrators, there has always been a gray area where the infrastructure stops and the application teams take over.

Take Five With Tom Fenton

Reasons I Think Virtualization Is Interesting

By Bruce Hoard

Since becoming editor in chief of Virtualization Review in October, I've discovered that, from a journalistic perspective, there's a lot to like about virtualization because the industry -- if not the baseline technology -- is new and emerging.

Product Reviews

Automate for Efficiency

By Joe Clabby

Reduce IT operational costs with Veeam Backup & Replication 4.


Virtual Value

By Bruce Hoard

Editor in Chief Bruce Hoard sits down with Soni Jiandani, VP of marketing, Storage Technology Group, at Cisco Systems Inc.

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