Moving into the Mist

Virtualization is becoming a ubiquitous and powerful presence.


Managing Your Virtual Network

By Brien Posey

Monitoring, migration and quality of service are some of the major challenges waiting in the world of virtual networking.

What's Next for Virtualization?

By Daniel Beveridge

Virtualization is evolving into a ubiquitous presence that will permeate technology infrastructures both large and small.

Editor's Note

Companies that Caught My Eye

By Bruce Hoard

Being a one-man editorial shop at a magazine and Web site dedicated to virtualization is like blowing up Grand Coulee Dam and trying to catch all the spillover in a paper cup.

How To Guy

VMware Labs Flings

By David Davis

VMware Labs is a venue for VMware Inc. engineers to demo their pet application development projects.

Are You Getting Your Money's Worth with vSphere?

By Rick Vanover

I've spoken to a number of organizations that have upgraded to vSphere, and I've seen that many of them haven't enlisted all of the new features.

Take Five With Tom Fenton

Impressions from Our Reader Survey

By Bruce Hoard

Awhile back, we did a reader survey that I've used as a guideline for the way we shape our editorial product -- the goal being to supply you, the readers, with the content that you find most interesting and useful.


Enhancing the Cox Communications Virtual Infrastructure

By Lafe Low

AppSense suite boosts profile-management capabilities.

Product Reviews

Manage Virtual Storage in Hyper-V

By David Strom

Bolster provisioning and management with Virsto One.

Master Monitor

By Logan Harbaugh

Keep an eye on all your systems with this one handy product.

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