Readers Choice Awards and Ultimate Buyers Guide

This combined issue brings you a virtual cornucopia of products and vendors. Can you guess who dominates the RCA awards?


The 2011 Readers Choice Awards and Ultimate Buyers Guide

By Bruce Hoard

Our readers rate products, and we reward them with the hands-down, most-informative, must-read print guide to virtualization and cloud products.

Editor's Note

Andres Rodriguez Plays Corporate Judo with Your Data

By Bruce Hoard

Nasuni CEO Andres Rodriguez believes he can handle the large data problem by leveraging the endless capacity of the cloud.

Take Five With Tom Fenton

Storage Problems and Proposed Solutions

By Bruce Hoard

Storage presents a lot of problems. It's expensive, it accumulates in all kinds of places where you can't find it, it's a hassle to move from point A to point B and it isn't always compatible from one vendor to the next.

Product Reviews

Spoon Stirs up Application Virtualization

By Logan Harbaugh

Package makes it easy to run Windows applications from anywhere -- no installation required.

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