VMware stands at a crucial -- and dangerous -- crossroads in its history. The flagship product that built its business -- vSphere -- has reached saturation. It has yet to find its way in the cloud era. And competition has never been more fierce. But VMware also has many strengths. Harnessing those positives will lead to a bright future. A failure to execute could bring on dark days.


Storage Spaces Direct in Windows Server 2016

By Paul Schnackenburg

Microsoft's first attempt at creating a software-defined storage platform wasn't a big hit. Its updated version just might be.


By Trevor Pott

VMware is at an exciting and dangerous point in its existence. It can potentially dominate some emerging markets, but can also lose out in several key areas. Choosing wisely is paramount.

VMware End-User Computing Q&A

By Keith Ward

End-user computing (EUC) is a primary focus of VMware's, from virtual desktop infrastructure products to cloud computing. Sumit Dhawan, GM of VMware's EUC group, answered questions about the group's vision and goals.

Editor's Note

The EUC Failure

By Keith Ward

Unnecessarily complicated login processes demonstrate how far there still is to go.

Dan's Take

VMware Is No Longer 'Hot,' but It's Still Important

By Dan Kusnetzky

It's now "the wiring in the wall," but that isn't a bad thing.

The Cranky Admin

Should You Build Your Own Cloud?

By Trevor Pott

Private and hybrid clouds are becoming the new normal.