• Dell AppAssure is exceptional. We would not have gotten this level of service with Symantec or anyone else. Chris Pechtold, Director of Technology Imler's Poultry

    If our VMware servers go down, I can bring them back in no time with Dell AppAssure. With Dell AppAssure I'm creating a virtual machine image every night and I don't have to worry about anything. Derek Augsburger, Systems Administrator Smith Brothers Furniture

    We tested several different backup solutions to find out which provided us with the best speed, the easiest recovery, and the best utilization of backup resources and Dell AppAssure nailed all three. I've been doing tech for over 20 years and in that time, I can count a handful of software about which I can honestly say their marketing is understated. The way Dell AppAssure performs exceeds the promises made in ad copy. This is one of the easiest products I've used. Seriously -- it's that good. John Grimes, Network/System/Windows Administrator EFG Company
  • Once we embarked on the virtualization path, our previous backup software was not up to the task. But with Dell AppAssure our data is safe and is continually backed up. We know that if we needed to restore a single file, email, or even a server, we can do it quickly and without any hassle. Rob MacCara, Systems Administrator Maritime Paper

    Our IT environment is constantly changing, and only Dell AppAssure has been able to keep up with it. Dell AppAssure's speed and ease of use are great, and the continuous backup makes recovery go really smoothly. We estimate that we can keep three years of continuous backups just due to Dell AppAssure's deduplication and compression technology. That's amazing! Dave Buzzell, Chief Information Officer The Sedona Group

    Dell AppAssure is the best backup and recovery product I've ever used. Nothing is even close. We've used a lot of products, but nothing touches this! Danny Welch, Corporate Systems Manager American HealthTech
  • Previously our backup storage would be full after two weeks of nightly backups. Now we can fit ninety-six 15-minute snapshots, 48 hourly snapshots, 7 daily snapshots, 4 weekly snapshots, and one monthly snapshot for EVERY server, and we are using only 33% of our disk space! Micah Van Maan, IT Director Sioux County

    We got Dell AppAssure to perform backups. But with combined replication it has quickly become the key in our disaster recovery plan. Mike Somers, IT Director Brock White

    It used to take me 58 hours or more to do a full backup during the weekend. With Dell AppAssure backup, I don't have to do full backups anymore. Brian Gibson Information Management Systems
  • Dell AppAssure backup requires a fraction of the care and feeding of other products.  If the auditors walked in tomorrow, I am confident that we can immediately demonstrate that we can recover in our mandated time. Raymond Smith, VP of IT Southern Bancshare

    Dell AppAssure has awesome deduplication and compression that saves so much room on our backup disk array  --  60%-80% increase in free space. It was a huge surprise! We're protecting 12 servers, but only consuming 121 GB of space. Dustin Day, Network/Systems Administrator Trion Industries