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Why forward-thinking CIOs are shifting focus to complexity-reducing cloud strategies

Today, work is an increasingly dynamic activity that people expect to be as adaptable as they are. We’ve traded in cubicles and desktops for virtual meetings and mobile devices. And as the modern workforce’s appetite for user-friendly, cloud-based services grows, the center of work is shifting to the cloud.

Many CIOs are looking to the cloud to refocus IT resources on solutions that drive innovation, agility, and business value. The challenge, however, lies in managing the proliferation of SaaS, web, and mobile apps running on any number of clouds, which is unwieldy and increases security risks.

CIOs are poised to develop an evolved approach that allows for not just robust visibility but better control of networks, systems, services, and diverse apps and devices -- to support any hybrid or multi-cloud strategy.

There are three important things to consider for designing a cloud strategy that can help you realize the promised benefits of the cloud while ensuring flexibility and control.

1. Matching IT investments to business needs

2. Modernizing and maximizing our existing investments with centralized control and workload optimization

3. Attracting the best talent and enabling our users to do their best work from anywhere