Assessing Where You Are in Your Cloud Journey and What Migration Steps Are Next

Date: Friday, October 16th at 9am PT / 12noon ET

Each application, each workload, each service you migrate to the cloud has its own characteristics, its own idiosyncrasies. Each is best served by one of the big cloud providers, but not always the same one. Some can be simply copied over, while others require extensive modification to run well in the cloud.

Wisely moving gradually to the cloud, you still must stop at each step to properly assess your current state, define your desired future state, and carefully architect the entire transition.

In this session, Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen will discuss how to manage migration step-by-step, stage-by-stage, and smart-decision-by-smart-decision. He'll explore:

  • Looking back to see where you’ve come from
  • Looking at your current state to determine where you are right now
  • Envisioning your future state in great detail
  • Determining which workloads to move next based on sound economic as well as technical planning

This session is Part One of our free half-day Migrating to the Cloud Summit. Sign up for this session and you are welcome to attend all three sessions!

Agenda: (Pacific time)

9:00 a.m.: Assessing Where You Are in Cloud Journey and What Migration Steps Are Next

10:00 a.m.: Migration Strategy: Lessons Learned from the First-Generation of Cloud Migrations, and How to Do It Better This Time

11:00 a.m.: Managing Through the Migration: How to Leverage In-place Infrastructure While Moving to the Cloud as Quickly as Possible

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