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  • How to Sell “Disaster Recovery” to Senior Management

    Are you having trouble selling DR to senior management? This whitepaper gives you strategies for getting on the same page as executives regarding DR plans.

  • The Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia Case Study

    The Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (the Gas Authority) is the largest non-profit natural gas joint action agency in the United States. Read why migrating to the iland Cloud was a must.

  • Remote Work Environments Optimization Checklist

    Working remotely is here to stay, so securing and optimizing your environments and procedures is essential to continued success. It’s time to evaluate the remote environments that were created in a hurry and formalize your work from home plan.

  • AWS Security Review by Involta & Alert Logic

    Everyone should have a clear understanding of their current security posture and exposure to threats and performing an AWS security review can get you there. This testing methodology provides a consistent means of tracking your improvement and a deeper understanding of where your infrastructure is most vulnerable.

  • Creating a Culture of Security

    Building a culture of security requires coordination, communication, and courage. Learn how to create a stronger culture of security within your organization.

  • Enterprise automation in a DevOps world

    An enterprise-wide automation strategy helps organizations improve existing processes and execute upon digital transformation. Ultimately, applying modern automation to your enterprise application environment helps your business better serve your customers—so you can be successful in the digital economy. In this high-level enterprise automation checklist, John Wadleigh, a Red Hat Consulting architect, explains how to transition to a more automated, efficient environment.

  • Forrester total economic impact of RH Ansible Tower Infographic

    This Forrester infographic highlights how one organization used Red Hat® Ansible® Tower to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Forrester illustrates the 3-year financial impact of Ansible Tower for an organization, including operational efficiency savings, infrastructure appliance savings, and reconfiguration and update savings. Forrester also details the planned spending reduction over 3 years resulting from the company’s investment in Ansible Tower. Read the infographic to learn more.

  • Hybrid Cloud Strategy for Dummies eBook

    Cloud computing is proliferating and taking over the world of IT as we know it. Cloud computing also grows more complex and multi-faceted daily. Getting onto the cloud is easy. Getting it right is trickier. You can probably see why a carefully thought-out and detailed approach to cloud computing—a strategy, in other words—is so important. Learn more in this e-book brought to you by Red Hat and Intel.

  • 10 ways to improve IT efficiency with a standardized operating environment (e-book)

    Implementing a standard operating environment can simplify your IT infrastructure while mitigating many of the challenges that cause inefficiency. Streamlined management and operations lead to lower operating expenses, increased uptime, faster deployment and provisioning, and improved IT and user productivity. In addition, comprehensive visibility into your standardized environment increases asset control, security, and compliance. Download this e-book to learn more.

  • 10 ways to improve IT efficiency with a standardized operating environment (checklist)

    IT organizations are required to deliver more services at a faster pace than ever before. But if your IT infrastructure is built on multiple operating systems, that complexity is likely leading to delays, downtime, and risk. Red Hat’s methodology will help you eliminate that complexity by creating a standardized operating environment.

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