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  • Boston Ballet Accelerates Digital Transformation with Markley Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

    Today, employees and clients are increasingly agile. IT’s success depends on a reliable infrastructure that is always on, all the time. Learn how Boston Ballet digitally transformed by working with Markley.

  • Report: The State of Enterprise Data Resiliency and Disaster Recovery 2019

    Data centers hold valuable assets for enterprise companies, and the threat of a disaster continues to pose significant challenges. Organizations need to protect their data from attack or disaster, and it’s critical to have an effective recovery plan in case data is lost or damaged. Read the report, “The State of Enterprise Data Resiliency and Disaster Recovery 2019,” to learn why organizations anticipate an increase in their DR investments in the coming years. Learn more!

  • Datrium Ransomware Protection

    Leverage best practices in disaster recovery and data management to prepare for and accelerate recovery from ransomware attacks. Read the Datrium Ransomware Protection whitepaper to learn more.

  • The Business Value of Hybrid Cloud with VMware

    IDC spoke with organizations that have deployed enterprise applications in a VMware Hybrid Cloud environment to understand the impact on their IT and business operations. Download the full report to discover how current VMware customers were able to achieve strong value from upgrading their IT infrastructures with VMware Hybrid Cloud solutions.

  • Digital Dialogue: Hyperconvergence: What It Is, ROI Considerations and Best Practices

    Read this Digital Dialogue based on the three-part webinar covering what hyperconvergence is and why it matters, how to determine ROI, and expert tips for successful implementation and avoiding gotchas.

  • FinOps: A New Approach to Cloud Financial Management

    In today’s cloud-first world, businesses are struggling to catch up to the variable nature of cloud spending. DevOps and Agile have broken the traditional procurement model, where slow-moving financial decisions drove technology investments. Now, it’s all about micro-optimizations that adjust resources based on demand, thus shaping cloud spend. In this complex new reality, the organization needs a common language to master the unit economics of cloud to drive the competitive advantage.

  • Mastering the Fundamentals of AWS Cost Efficiency

    The costs of running your AWS infrastructure can add up quickly if left unchecked. Without the right strategy, companies can wind up leaving a lot of savings on the table. Having worked with some of the biggest AWS spenders in the world, Apptio has identified notable trends in the way successful companies monitor, manage and mitigate their AWS costs. With this knowledge and leveraging the practice of FinOps this eBook provides a clear path to increased cost efficiency.

  • Global SD-WAN Vendor Market Forecasts, 2019

    The SD-WAN market is in the early growth stage of the product lifecycle. Key factors driving market adoption include: cost savings from efficient usage of private and public networks, ability to optimize hybrid cloud/multi-cloud connectivity, and application-aware routing. Read the Frost and Sullivan analyst report to get the full details.

  • How three leading organizations took the fast path to the cloud

    See how three leading organizations used VMware Cloud on AWS to address common cloud migration challenges in order to scale on demand, meet best practices for operational consistency, get workloads into production fast, and migrate ahead of schedule.

  • Genesys and Google Cloud: Shaping the Future of Contact Center AI

    Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities are improving rapidly. Moving beyond the question-and-answer AI experiences of the past, modern voicebots and chatbots can engage with customers in complex conversations. Now, a virtual agent can leverage context to more seamlessly move customers through their journey. Learn more.

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