Looking to the Cloud

I'm not one to spout my own opinions or predictions. I'm usually doing the listening, not the talking. When I talk, what I have to say is often based on what you tell me instead of what I've experienced or proven myself as an IT professional. With that, here's what I believe you'll be talking about in the next year, based on what many of you have told me over the months.

First off, whatever you do that has any relation to your virtualization or cloud work, it'll soon be labeled as "software-defined." That is, whatever the solution, that's what it will be called -- even though it might not be inherently software-defined. You're likely to hear storage virtualization solutions being referred to as software-defined storage in the next year, for example. There will be others.

VDI will gain some traction -- again. If there's a technology that many have dismissed as inefficient, it's VDI, or the reality of implementing VDI. Expect VDI proponents to come out of the woodwork, now that Amazon is jumping into the game. That will wake up everyone to become more innovative or perish trying to keep up with the frontrunners.

Microsoft's cloud vision will shake out in the coming year and mount a serious challenge to VMware in the cloud. I believe the next CEO to run Microsoft will take the company in that direction and charge full speed ahead.

Now, I'll go back to just listening. What would you like to get off your chest?

About the Author

Michael Domingo has held several positions at 1105 Media, and is currently the editor in chief of Visual Studio Magazine.


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