AppEnsure Free Gives Apps a Performance Boost

Free tool troubleshoots applications--physical or virtualized, or located in a public or private cloud.

AppEnsure has released a free version of its tool that helps IT troubleshoot common application issues--such as slow response time--regardless of whether the apps are physical, virtualized, or located in a public or private cloud, and regardless of whether they were custom-developed or off-the-shelf.

AppEnsure Free automatically maps the virtual and physical topology of each app to to clearly show all transactions through all tiers of the app and infrastructure. After discovering and naming each tier, the tool displays the transactional throughput and response times. As it flags alarms, AppEnsure Free displays the root cause and proposed remedy to get the instance running back at the desired performance, for example, in line with a particular SLA.

The free tool updates in real time to show a combination of app performance and server performance for overall instance performance. Because AppEnsure Free shows the overall throughput of all instances of an app, IT can base decisions on a demand load profile that is deterministic, rather than one simply inferred from resource utilization.

AppEnsure Free is a no-cost download, and offers a perpetual five-server license. You can download it here.

About the Author

Christa Ayer is a freelance technology writer based in Seattle, Wash.


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