PLUMgrid, Huawei Team Up for New-Age OpenStack Automation

With the goal of simplifying deployment of new-age networking technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), PLUMgrid Inc. and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. have teamed up to tackle OpenStack automation.

The new solution targets the StackForge software that helps users consume and leverage project infrastructure in the open source OpenStack cloud computing platform.

The partnership will make use of Huawei Compass, an OpenStack deployment service specializing in bare-metal implementations, to self-install the PLUMgrid Open Networking Suite (ONS). The ONS provides virtual networking infrastrucure for OpenStack clouds and facilitates software programmability via the upstart SDN and NFV technologies.

"Streamlining OpenStack compute, storage and networking deployment is critical to the success of enterprises and service providers," the companies said in a statement. "Automated 'zero touch' software installations not only expedite time to production but also significantly improve operational efficiency by minimizing manual intervention and eliminating configuration errors."

The topology-aware Compass tool open sourced by Huawei helps configure and manage physical and virtual machines (VMs), using a navigational GUI and RESTful APIs for discovering, configuring and managing hardware and software resources for OpenStack clouds.

"With automated installation for PLUMgrid ONS, operators using Compass can quickly gain the benefits of secure and scalable virtual network infrastructure," the companies said. "PLUMgrid ONS provides private Virtual Domains that act as network containers, separating tenant traffic for security and policy enforcements. Each Virtual Domain runs a set of virtual network functions (VNFs), customized and configured through service chaining to meet the needs of each tenant or application."

The news is the second such partnership announced by PLUMgrid in the past week, as it just inked an agreement with Cumulus Networks to wed that company's open networking Linux distribution with ONS.

"Working with Huawei to automate PLUMgrid ONS through Compass is an example of how our visions align on streamlining OpenStack deployments and making installations easy, simple and fast," said PLUMgrid CEO Awais Nemat in a statement. "PLUMgrid ONS not only provides a secure and scalable SDN and NFV foundation, but also brings many other benefits such as rapid Service Insertion, which is transformational. Both companies are committed to driving OpenStack deployment success and contributing to the open source community."

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.


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