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The 10 Best End-User Computing Sessions at VMworld 2015

There's a ton of coverage for admins who work with Horizon and other aspects of EUC. Here are some of the ones that look most valuable.

The VMworld Schedule Builder went live in late July. This tool allows you to register for the specific breakout sessions you're interested in attending; it's important to register for your sessions early, as many sessions fill up quickly.

Note: If a session that you’re interested in is full, you should put yourself on the waiting list, as sessions may move to larger rooms if enough people are interested.

VMware has a lot of End-User Computing (EUC) sessions this year. Here are the top 10 that intrigue me:

  1. EUC4517 - VMware Workspace Environment Management (WEM) Technical Deep Dive. This session is by Chris Halstead and Stephane Asselin. It's a technical deep dive into two of VMware’s latest EUC acquisitions: App Volumes and Immidio. 

  2. EUC4827 - VDI Sizing Deep Dive - The Horizon Sizing Tool. Double VCDX Ray Heffer talks about a new tool for sizing Horizon environments in different deployment scenarios. Although this session is currently full, it may be worthwhile to put yourself on the waiting list if you plan or design Horizon environments.

  3. EUC5434 - Beyond the Marketing: VMware App Volumes Technical Overview. This is another App Volumes session, and it goes into the technical details of the product. 

  4. EUC5802 - A Technical Deep Dive on VMware Horizon View 6.x Performance and Best Practices. This session, which has VMware’s Pat Lee as a co-presenter, covers the performance of Horizon 6, RDSH-support, Windows 10 support, 3D graphics, and best practices. It's another session that already appears to be full.

  5. EUC4437 - Horizon View Troubleshooting - Looking Under the Hood. What do you do when Horizon View breaks? This session will go into how to properly troubleshoot issues in your EUC environment.

  6. EUC4630 - Managing Users: A Deep Dive Into VMware User Environment Manager. If you’re interested in how the VMware User Environment Manager software works and how it can benefit administrators of virtual and physical desktops, this session is for you.

  7. EUC4825 - Horizon for Linux Technical Deep Dive. Linux desktop support is another recently released feature in the Horizon Suite. This session will go into details on how Horizon and the PCoIP protocol work with Linux desktops.

  8. EUC5062 - Your Desktops Secured: What Can NSX Do for You? This session will cover how to use features of NSX (VMware's software-defined networking product) to secure your virtual desktops and limit access to resources without having to create complex network architectures.

  9. EUC5481 - High Performance 3D Workloads on Horizon 6 and NVIDIA GRID vGPU. How do you provide virtual desktops for users that require advanced 3D acceleration? This session will cover how to use Horizon and NVIDIA GRID cards to provide virtual desktop solutions for CAD/CAM, medical imaging, and other 3D graphics use cases.

  10. EUC5909 - VMware’s End User Computing Strategy into 2015 and Beyond. Leaders from VMware’s EUC division will discuss EUC strategy, and preview the upcoming Workspace Environment Management product.

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