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Sumo Logic Adds 2 Microsoft Azure Analysis Tools

Audit logs, Web sites can now be monitored.

Sumo Logic has developed tools to gather operational and application data from Microsoft's Azure cloud computing environment so that it can be fed into Sumo Logic's cloud-based monitoring and analytical service. Now Sumo Logic can gather data, analyze that data and offer predictive analytics for a large collection of platforms: virtual machine software, operating system virtualization and partitioning software, application frameworks, Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), security and compliance tools, and even configuration and management tools.

Here's a portion of how the company describes the products that have recently entered the Microsoft Azure Marketplace:

Sumo Logic's two new certified offerings in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace collect valuable diagnostic, performance, audit and security data for infrastructure and modern applications running in Microsoft Azure. These include:

    • Sumo Logic for Azure Audit — The Sumo Logic Azure Audit offering provides visibility into Azure Audit Logs and Active Directory data and highlights what actions were taken on resources in a subscription (for example, the creation of virtual machines, starting websites, dropping databases, Active Directory actions by user and more).
    • Sumo Logic for Azure Web Apps —  The Sumo Logic Azure Web Apps offering lets developers rapidly build, deploy, and manage powerful websites and web applications, through preconfigured dashboards that allow you to monitor and visualize the health of your Web Apps environment. For example, server and application errors, response codes, where people are coming from, response times, data traffic over time and more.
Dan's Take: Saving Grace
Sumo Logic has long offered powerful, easy-to-use tools that monitor operational, performance and security data produced by a large collection of enterprise tools and computing environments. I can't count the number of times a Sumo Logic user has told me that the company "saved them" when a problem of some type arose.

Having the data and insight offered by Sumo Logic's tools, enterprises will be able to more easily onboard workloads into Microsoft's Azure cloud computing environment. They'll also be able to look across hybrid cloud/physical computing environments to isolate performance, security and other issues and quickly identify the root cause, regardless of where it happened in the software stack. I imagine these tools will also help monitor data governance and compliance as well.

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