AvePoint Launches AI-Powered Information Lifecycle Solution

AvePoint, which offers a platform to optimize Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) operations and secure collaboration, announced a new AI-powered information lifecycle management solution.

AvePoint Opus was unveiled at the company's #shifthappens Conference in Washington, D.C. It's a cloud-based solution that helps organizations manage their information lifecycle, from creation and classification to retention and disposal, with advanced AI and automation. It also helps them comply with various regulations and standards across different industries.

The company said Opus can help organizations:

  • Manage Information and Ensure Compliance: Automatic data classification, powered by AI, helps reduce the risks associated with information over-retention or accidental data deletion to meet compliance standards.
  • Optimize Cloud Storage: Specific rules ensure organizations meet retention and disposal requirements to reduce excess cloud storage costs, so that organizations maintain greater control over their budgets.
  • Streamline Processes: Automatic records management removes time intensive work, allowing organizations to focus on higher value projects and speeding time-to-value for organizations seeking data-driven insights.
[Click on image for larger view.] Maestro AI (source: AvePoint).

AvePoint said a key component of Opus is AvePoint Maestro, the company's "AI Smart Classification" system that leverages Azure Machine Learning to analyze content and metadata, and assign policies to documents.

"AvePoint Opus combines this cutting-edge AI technology with mature and field-tested storage optimization and information lifecycle technology to optimize data storage, minimize risks, and build a more robust data strategy -- the critical foundation of responsible AI use," the company said in an Oct. 10 blog post.

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