Davos 2023 Tackles the Metaverse: 'The Next Era of the Internet Is Coming'

WEF publishes two reports discussing interoperability and demystifying the consumer metaverse (while explaining the difference between "web3" and "Web 3.0")

Running Apps in Docker, Part 1: Instantiation and Using PostgreSQL

After his introductory series, Tom Fenton deploys a database on Docker and integrates it with other apps deployed from other Docker images.

Azure OpenAI Service Opens Up, ChatGPT On Tap

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: "ChatGPT is coming soon to the Azure OpenAI Service, which is now generally available."

2023 Data Protection Report: 'Ransomware Is Winning'

Veeam Software published a Data Protection Report for the new year, finding even more ransomware attacks plagued organizations in 2022.

Interview with the Creator of the Inovato Quadra (Low-Priced Raspberry Pi Alternative)

Tom Fenton continues to be impressed with the low-priced Inovato Quadra, an alternative to the Raspberry Pi, and the person behind it, Michael Burmeister-Brown.

Digital & IT Skills Report: Blockchain Demand Increases 552%

While blockchain demand grew the fastest, the most popular skill on the DevSkiller platform is JavaScript, which overtook Java.

Hands-On Review: Inovato Quadra Plus (Raspberry Pi Alternative)

The less-expensive Quadra is a better fit than Raspberry Pi for those who want/need a low-cost software platform to use and experiment with.

Web3 Predictions at the World Economic Forum

"There will be more tokenization of assets, and increasingly mainstream use of blockchain technology."

Black White Wave IMage

IBM's Watson Crashes the Cloud AI Party

After wowing the world way back in 2011 by defeating humans at the TV game show "Jeopardy!" with early-stage AI tech, IBM's Watson is making a bit of a comeback.

What Tech Do Developers Love, Dread and Want (and How Does Web3 Fit In)?

One of the most popular parts of Stack Overflow's huge annual developer report is an examination of what tech devs love, dread and want the most.

Building Graphic

Davos 2023: Cryptocurrency Rebound Seen, Calls for Global Cybercrime Rules

Davos is seen by some as the place where global elites gather annually to chart how things here on earth will work in the future.

Create a VPC Peering Connection Between AWS Regions

Setting up a peering connection between VPCs in two different regions can help to simplify your disaster recovery efforts.

Introduction to Docker, Part 4: Persistent Storage

Tom examines different ways to store persistent data such as volume and bind mounts (or host volumes).

Research: AWS Edges Ahead in Cloud Database Management Systems

Research firm Gartner's "Magic Quadrant" series of reports on cloud database management systems has long seen a crowded "Leaders" field populated with the usual cast of cloud giants and wannabes, but this year AWS has slightly edged ahead of the pack.

Introduction to Docker, Part 3: Networking

Tom Fenton explains how networking works with containers.

'Disconcerting' Survey Report Reveals Cloud Security Warnings

"Fully 75 percent of respondents say that cloud computing represents the single greatest expansion of the enterprise attack surface in the last 20 years!"

Introduction to Docker, Part 2: Repos and Resource Consumption

After introducing the basics, Tom Fenton looks at the ephemeral nature of container instances and how to use networking and persistent storage with them.

Kasten by Veeam Tops Kubernetes Backup/Data Protection Poll

A new survey-based Kubernetes backup and data protection report shows Kasten by Veeam was identified as a leader in the field, though many respondents couldn't name any organization as a leader.

Introduction to Docker, Part 1: Getting Started

Tom Fenton begins a series on how to install Docker containers on a Linux system while discussing images, performance hits and how to use network/storage with containers.

Hands-On Review of the Maxtang NX6412 Small-Format Computer

Tom Fenton looks at specs, design and build quality before discussing how well this low-priced device performs as a thin client, KVM server, Docker server and repository for edge device data.

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