Tom Details What's New in vSphere 8 (and 'Why People Are Excited About It')

As the industry continues to embrace technologies like the cloud, edge computing and SaaS applications, VMware has realized that they need to extend their marquee product (vSphere) to better align with these trends.

VMware Named SD-WAN 'Leader' for Fifth Straight Year

Virtualization kingpin VMware continues to dominate the software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) space, according to the latest Magic Quadrant report from research firm Gartner.

5 Must-See KubeCon 2022 Sessions

The latest 'Take 5 with Tom Fenton' highlights Kubernetes presentations ranging from smart metering to ARM64 to 'Getting Started with Kubernetes.'

'Alarming Stat': 90% of Security Leaders See Risk Efforts Coming Up Short

"This alarming stat is consistent with last year's results."

'Confidential Computing' Specialist Open Sources Runtime-Encrypted Kubernetes

Called Constellation, the new GitHub-based open source project is described as "Always Encrypted Kubernetes."

Report Reveals Developers Pressured by 'Race to the Cloud'

Couchbase found that despite development teams' extensive contributions to digital transformation and innovation initiatives, those teams are still frustrated by a lack of resources and communication with IT leaders, which prevents enterprises from maximizing their potential and moving faster.

Meta Cedes Open Source PyTorch AI Framework to New Foundation

Meta is ceding control of its wildly popular PyTorch machine learning framework to a new organization set up under the big open source umbrella of the Linux Foundation.

Microsoft Makes Big Azure Containers Push

The company has published much new documentation for using containers in the past week or so across many different properties, including Azure Container Apps, Azure App Service, ASP.NET Core, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and many more.

Tom's Take on VMware Explore 2022: What Was New and Interesting

Tom discusses some of the key announcements made during the event this year.

VMware Explore In-Person: What It Was Like

Tom wore many hats at the show as a regular participant, presenter, vExpert, author and also a booth worker.

Home Lab NAS with Terramaster F5-221, Part 3: Performance Improvements

Although designed to act as a home/small business file and back-up repository, Tom thinks its specs might allow it to work a storage server for virtualization for a small home lab.

VMware's New Project Trinidad Addresses API Security and Analytics

It extends the company's API security and analytics via the deployment of sensors on Kubernetes clusters, while using machine learning with business logic inference to detect anomalous behavior in east-west traffic between microservices.

At Inaugural VMware Explore, VMware Pushes Orgs To Get 'Cloud Smart'

The inaugural VMware Explore event kicked off this week in San Francisco, with a keynote on Tuesday that stressed multicloud advances in all areas of VMware's product strategy.

VMware Debuts New Single Offering for Multi-Cloud Management: Aria

Multi-cloud is too complicated, says VMware, which just announced a new family of management tools designed to simplify things.

The Cloud Security TL;DR: Quick-and-Dirty Best Practices

An expert IT security pro's list of best practices for hybrid cloud security was just so big and detailed that we had to boil it down into easily digestible bites.

Ransomware Variants Exploded in Past 6 Months: Threat Report

One takeaway from Fortinet's latest edition of its semiannual Global Threat Landscape Report is a remarkable upsurge in ransomware variants in the past six months.


Home Lab NAS with Terramaster F5-221, Part 2: Installation and Configuration

Tom walks you through how he set the device up and attempted to set up an NFS and an iSCSI target on it.

Survey: For DevOps Pros, It's 'Security, Security, Security'

The GitLab 2022 Global DevSecOps Survey is out, finding that security concerns are no longer being siloed and silenced in the push to get software out the door faster.

Home Lab NAS with Terramaster F5-221, Part 1: Intro and Specs

For a family member, Tom sets up the Terramaster and tests it for suitability as a NAS for his own home VMware lab.

Data Management Revamp Needed in Move to Cloud, Says Report

A new survey-based report commissioned by financial firm Capital One explores data management in the cloud, concluding that new models are needed in the face of exponential data growth.

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