Making the Case for Static Container Images in AWS ECS

Brien Posey details several reasons why a container image should not be dynamically updated.

Road with Ocean Image

Technologists See Metaverse Reducing Carbon, Handling Interactions, More

Global technologists see the nascent metaverse playing a big role in the coming years as it affects everyday life in a variety of ways, including helping to mitigate climate change and becoming the venue for interactions of all kinds.

Kasten by Veeam Update Addresses Kubernetes Skills Gap

Amid a crippling cloud-native talent dearth, backup/disaster recovery specialist Veeam is positioning its new Kubernetes data management update as a bridge of the skills gap.

Automated Anomaly Detection Is Top Priority for ML Operationalization

New research indicates the next few years will be crucial for organizations seeking to operationalize machine learning technology, with automated anomaly detection predicted to figure prominently in that effort.

Digital Skills Hiring: Orgs Say 5G, Crypto & Metaverse 'Here to Stay'

As if organizations didn't have enough workforce worries amid a crippling digital skills gap, a new study indicates they also have to deal with acquiring talent for emerging technologies that they expect to become industry standards.

Cloud Native WebAssembly Survey: Users 'Hungry' for Better Web-Dev Projects

Today is Wasm Day, marked by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation publishing a microsurvey about WebAssembly, a transformative web development technology that after five years is still leaving users wanting more.

OSS Fulfills Promise, but Orgs Worry About Management, Support and Trust, Says Report

Open source software in the enterprise has basically fulfilled its promise, a new report says, but its usage might be curtailed by worries about management, support and trust.

Inovato Quadra Review, Part 5: Remote Access (or Not!)

Tom pushes the low-cost Raspberry Pi competitor beyond its intended limits to see what happens.

Inovato Quadra Review, Part 4: Hardware, Storage & Networking Tests

Tom looks at the hardware, extends storage and performs basic storage/network tests on the $29 Raspberry Pi alternative.

Real-World Ransomware Defense Best Practices: Remember 'Bullies Target the Weakest First'

You don't need to have the strongest security posture out there, you just need to NOT have the weakest.

Cloud Reports Offer Skills Gap Solutions

The inability to find IT pros with requisite cloud skills is persistently identified as a major challenge to organizations moving to cloud computing.

Inovato Quadra Review, Part 3: A Deeper Dive & Performance Testing

Tom finds it won't do 720p video streaming but is still impressed with the value of the $29 Raspberry Pi alternative.

Microsoft Bolsters Azure DevOps Security in Limited Private Preview

At this week's big Ignite 2022 tech conference, Microsoft announced multiple efforts to bolster security for Azure DevOps, including a limited private preview of GitHub tech.

Inovato Quadra Review, Part 2: Browsing, Office Apps and Photo Editing

The $29 Raspberry Pi competitor continues to impress Tom, though he suffers a couple hangs while testing various applications.

IBM Cloud Study: 'Initial Excitement' Bends to Skills, Security, Compliance Challenges

A new cloud study from IBM tells a familiar story: Organizations are choosing the hybrid model to drive digital transformations but are hindered by factors including a lack of skilled technologists, security concerns and overwhelming compliance/regulatory burdens.

Inovato Quadra Review, Part 1: A Raspberry Pi Competitor?

Tom has thought about investigating Pi alternatives but was put off by sketchy companies and long delivery times -- and then he found the Inovato Quadra.

IoT/Edge Dev Survey Shows AI, Container and Linux Popularity

When it comes to workloads, artifacts and OS choices, AI, containers and Linux all rank highly.

For Cloud Cybersecurity, You Can Pick 2 of 3: Easy, Cheap or Secure

In cloud hardening beyond Next, Next, Finish configurations, orgs have to choose two of three security posture characteristics: easy, cheap or secure.

Tom Lists Five Reasons You Need to Attend VMware Explore Europe 2022

From big announcements to small-vendor scoops to after-hours fun, Tom makes the case for attending the Barcelona event.

Take Five with Tom Fenton: Reasons to Attend KubeCon North America 2022

At KubeCon you can learn and get a vibe for the direction that K8s is headed and discover how you need to position yourself and your company for these changes.

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