Microsoft Adds Kubernetes Management to Azure

New features, including elastic sizing, were added as well.

The Problem of Security 'Alert Fatigue'

Stemming the flood of security warnings for admins.

SDN Group Fights Proprietary Offshoots

"A trend has emerged where vendors leverage open source to build closed proprietary solutions, providing only marginal benefit to the broader ecosystem."

Using NVMe Devices in Your Datacenter

Five use cases where it makes the most sense.

Hey Brother, Can You Spare a Server?

YellowDog's unusual take on providing capacity for large render projects.

Is it Ever OK to Overcommit Host Memory?

Although it should be discouraged, there are times when it may have to be done.

Making Endpoint Devices Moving Targets

Morphisec's unusual take on Windows security.

Microsoft Touts SDN in Windows Server 2016 Datacenter

It claims SDN can help organizations increase agility, enhance security and provide optimal efficiency.

Running Graphical Programs on Windows Subsystem on Linux

Pushing the boundaries of what WSL can do.

Lucidworks Releases Fusion 3

The search and indexing platform upgrades include better collaboration tools.

The Effect of CPU Differences on Virtual Machine Migrations

Should you worry about it? And what can you do about it?

How Much Cloud Is Too Much?

Don't let fear force you to spend more than needed on backup and disaster recovery.

Workspot Offers a Cloud-Based Take On VDI And DaaS

The company positions itself as "the next generation" of application access and delivery.

Big Switch SDN Fabric Adds Hyper-Converged, Container Support

Its software-defined networking fabric now supports hyper-converged solutions from VMware, along with multi-container environments.

A Brief History of Clustering

Clustering is hot now, but where did it come from?

The Looming Storage Crisis

The "perfect storm" of events that led to the current shortage.

Learn How to Bash: Using the Windows Subsystem for Linux

The WSL, also known as "Bash," can add a lot of functionality to your environment.

VMware Closes Out a Strong Financial 2016

Revenues exceed $7 billion for the year.

Red Hat Rolls Out OpenShift Container Platform 3.4

It's focused heavily on software-defined storage.

Research Firm Says SDN Lags in Datacenters

Software-defined networking isn't making datacenter inroads as quickly as expected, according to IHS.

Virtualization Review

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