How AI Helps Me Write

AI helps Tom Fenton write in many ways, but generating entire articles isn't one of them, he says in explaining his workflow using ChatGPT, Grammarly, MS Word and more.

Google Unveils AI Video Creator

Google unveiled a new AI-powered video creation service as part of its Workspace Labs program where users can try out new AI features.

What's New in VMware vSphere Foundation 5.2

Here's an in-depth examination of many new features and enhancements.

CISOs Say AI Already Outperforming Security Pros

It's commonly accepted that AI will outperform humans and replace many IT positions, but a new survey of CISOs by Bugcrowd indicates AI is already beating security pros in some areas and is expected to take on a larger role in the future.

Cloud Giant AI Hegemony Shows Cracks

Microsoft's partnership with OpenAI led to enterprise AI leadership, soon accompanied by fellow cloud giants Google and AWS. The "Big 3" took turns one-upping one another in speeds/feeds, services, copilots and associated products, but the cloud AI hegemony may be cracking.

What's New in vSAN 8 U3

This release of vSAN focuses on three significant areas: flexible topologies, agile data protection and enhanced management.

Cloud AI Hits Rock Bottom in Research Firm's 'Hype Cycle'

Cloud AI services are officially in the "trough of disillusionment," according to Gartner's latest report on AI hype.

Copilot in Azure

The always-skeptical Paul worries about this amazing AI tool dumbing down junior admins too much, but he's also impressed with the preview and excited about the possibilities, giving it the ultimate compliment: "It's really cool."

Cloud Security: Despite All the Tech, It's Still a People Problem

Even with all the technology bells and whistles and alerts and services and multi-factor authentication and social engineering training and enterprise-wide integrated cybersecurity platforms -- and articles like this -- the human factor is still one of the biggest threats to cloud security.

Thinking About Migrating Workloads to AWS? Do These Two Things First

Brient Posey recommends important tasks before experimenting with the Migration Hub.

Eclipse Theia IDE Ships, Running on Cloud or Desktop

The Eclipse Foundation's Theia IDE project finally shipped in a non-beta release that offers a completely open source development tool that can be used on Windows, Linux or macOS desktops or in the cloud, running in a browser.

Broadcom Aims VMware Cloud Foundation at Infrastructure Modernization

Broadcom's latest update to its VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) private cloud offering is aimed at boosting infrastructure modernization, increasing developer productivity and enhancing security/resiliency.

Take 5 with Tom Fenton: My Five Must-See VMware Explore 2024 Sessions

For as long as he can remember, Tom Fenton has combed VMworld/Explore catalogs to create must-see sessions lists, this year eyeing everything from Private AI to the intricacies of VGPU resource scheduling.

Microsoft Crushes Analytics/BI Market with Some Copilot Help

The Redmond cloud giant crushes Gartner's new "Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms" report, standing apart and alone atop the axes for both the ability to execute and completeness of vision.

Proactive vs. Reactive Security: Don't Fall Into the 'Next, Next, Finish' Trap

Threat monitoring for SMBs and enterprises can be a complicated, daunting business, but following some basic best practices learned on the front lines can help.

VMware Explore 2024 -- Why You Need to Go

Finding shared interests and passions can be challenging, and this event helps Tom connect with like-minded people and establish lifelong relationships.

Microsoft Talks AI, the Law and Jailbreaking

Microsoft's recent buzz about generative AI has had less to do with multimodal models and more to do with the law -- as in improving it and also bending it.

Lack of Cloud Infrastructure Makes for Strange AI Bedfellows

"Cloud hell may have just frozen over as Oracle and Google Cloud outlined a partnership that gives enterprises an option to combine Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Google Cloud," Oracle said this week. And that's not to mention OpenAI and Microsoft being involved also.

Options for Migrating from VMware to Microsoft

Paul lays out the options for an organization that's relied on VMware for virtualization needs but is finding the "sticker shock" too hot to handle and is looking for alternatives.

As VMware Competitors Circle, Broadcom Makes New Partners

VMware competitors have been quick to position themselves as alternatives amid the licensing/pricing upheaval following its acquisition by Broadcom, but the latter company has been busy fighting back with distribution deals of its own.

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