Dan's Take

Data Analysis for SMBs

DataGravity builds its comprehensive analysis right into its appliances.

The Limitations of Appliance Servers

Do you need what vendors are selling?

Mirantis Unveils OpenStack Cloud Appliance

The company hopes to differentiate its offering by highlighting its expertise with the open source cloud platform.

Decision Points for Your Hypervisor Choice

Trying to select one and only one hypervisor to create virtual environments can be a fool's errand.

Avoiding the 'I/O Blender' Effect

Condusiv takes aim at Windows I/O requests to optimize virtual workloads.

SUSE Embraces Docker Containers

The integration with its product suite means more choice for enterprises.

Untangling the World of Mobile Device Management

AnyPresence believes it has a solution with its Mobile Backend-as-a-Service.

Red Hat, Samsung Partner To Create IoT Enterprise Solutions

It appears to be similar to the IBM/Apple Arrangement.

VMware AppCatalyst and Project Bonneville: 'Datacenter On the Desktop'

Two new products may speed up development time, but do they lead to lock-in?

BlueData Supports Hadoop and Spark on Docker

It's marketed as a simple way to get started with Big Data projects.

Nutanix's Broad Infrastructure Play

Two new products that may encroach on offerings from VMware and Microsoft.

Nutanix Introduces Free Community Edition

It offers hyperconvergence for up to four servers.

What Does the Cisco Acquisition of Piston Mean?

The number of independent OpenStack vendors is rapidly shrinking.

How Many Nines of Uptime Do You Need?

Service providers have many uptime guarantees. Which one you choose should be dictated on a workload-by-workload basis.

'Powerfully Simple' Windows Backup

Axcient offers full deduplication of data both locally and in the cloud.

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