Prime Video Sparks Serverless Debate by Switching to Monolith

"I do think microservices were over sold as the answer to everything."

Microsoft Announces New Bing/Edge AI Search Makeover

Microsoft, the leader in AI-powered web search with its Bing search engine and Edge web browser, announced a raft of search improvements as part of a new AI makeover.

Feds Address Advanced AI Dangers, Plan Independent Evaluations

With more and more industry figures warning about the dangers of runaway advanced AI constructs, the White House is getting in on the action.

Microsoft, Google, OpenAI Execs All Warn About AI Dangers

Microsoft, Google and OpenAI look to be the leaders in advanced AI right now. Current or former execs from Microsoft, Google and OpenAI have all recently sounded warnings about the dangers of advanced AI.

Rubrik, Zscaler Team Up to Fight 'Double Extortion' Ransomware

Double extortion ransomware is a type of cyberattack in which threat actors exfiltrate a victim's sensitive data in addition to encrypting it, giving the criminal additional leverage to collect ransom payments.

Black White Wave IMage

IBM Years Ago Famously Switched Focus to AI, So What Happened?

The AI buzz these days is all around Microsoft, OpenAI, Google and a few other heavy hitters, but not so much for IBM which years ago went "all in" on hybrid cloud and AI. So what happened?

RSA Conference's 'Most Innovative Startup' Does ... You Guessed It: AI

Like most things these days, the security-focused RSA Conference 2023 prominently featured AI, the topic of many sessions and announcements and the specialty of multiple award winners.

Most U.S. Execs 'A Year or Two Away' from Using Generative AI

A new survey of corporate executives confirms the obvious -- generative AI will have an enormous impact on business -- but also reveals that most aren't ready to use it just quite yet.

Google Matches Microsoft with AI-Powered Security Offering

"These new models not only give people a more natural and creative way to understand and manage security, they give people access to AI-powered expertise to go beyond what they could do alone."

'Emergent Abilities': When AI LLMs Learn Stuff They Shouldn't Know

Google CEO Sundar Pichai: "Of the AI issues we talked about, the most mysterious is called emergent properties."

AI in the Workplace: 'Americans Are Wary and Sometimes Worried'

A new Pew Research Center survey-based report about the use of AI in the workplace finds widely diverging views on the topic, though respondents are generally wary and uncertain of AI being used in hiring and assessing workers.

Open Source Generative AI Image Specialist Stability AI Turns to Text

"Our StableLM models can generate text and code and will power a range of downstream applications."

AWS Makes Its Own Generative AI Moves with 'Bedrock' Dev Service, New LLMs

Amazon Web Services (AWS), seeking to not be left behind in the cloud giant AI space, is making moves to catch up to Microsoft and Google.

From Deepfakes to Facial Recognition, Stanford Report Tracks Big Hike in AI Misuse

A sprawling new report from Stanford University charts a steep rise in the misuse of AI technology, increasingly being applied to image/video deepfakes and questionable facial recognition and surveillance efforts.

While Some Call for AI Pause, AWS Launches Generative AI Accelerator

Amid calls for an industry pause on AI large language model (LLM) development, AWS has launched a program to boost generative AI startups.

Microsoft Eases AI Image Generation Across the Board

Capitalizing on the current generative AI hype, Microsoft is making it easier for users to create their own images across its consumer app portfolio.

6 'Quick Wins' for Endpoint Security Management (and 6 'Complex Wins')

Two cybersecurity experts recently detailed six "quick wins" that everyone can do to help protect themselves, as well as six more complex initiatives.

AI Coming for Your Job? Already Happening, ChatGPT Report Says

48 percent of surveyed companies using ChatGPT say it has replaced workers.

Eclipse Foundation Charts Rise of IoT/Edge Deployments, Lists Recommendations

Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing deployments are on the rise across the board, says a new report from the Eclipse Foundation, which listed vendor-neutral recommendations for organizations getting in on the action.

Report: Job Seekers Highly Rate ChatGPT-Generated Cover Letters, Resumes

Most landed interviews, reporting high-quality work requiring some editing.

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