Server Virtualization

Amazon Adds Dedicated Cloud Instances

Acknowledging that some enterprise customers don't want to share computing resources, Amazon Web Services (AWS) today launched what it calls EC2 Dedicated Instances.

Server App-V for Windows Azure Beta Added to SCVMM 2012 Test Release

Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 will include new feature that will allow Windows apps not designed for Windows Azure to be deployed on Microsoft's cloud platform.

Hyper-V Core to Retailer's Resource Consolidation Efforts

Target turns to Microsoft's hypervisor technology to reduce physical servers and save on power and maintenance costs among its 1,755 U.S. stores.

Browse the Web in the vSphere Client

There's browsing the Web, and then there's kinda browsing the Web with vSphere. Here's a tool that removes the "kinda" part.

Don't Get Caught Not Knowing Your vSphere Requirements

Read the forgetful manual. It'll save you some pain later on when troubleshooting vSphere.

Going Cloud: The Changing Nature of Virtualized Datacenters

The push to the cloud is putting heavy pressure on virtualized datacenters to change with the dynamic times.

How to Create a Virtual vSphere Lab

The best way to learn anything is by doing it. You want to learn more about VMware vSphere? Build a lab.

Mixed Bag: Thin Clients, VDI, Management, Etc.

Here are five random items that are worthy of comment.

Virtualization and the Cloud the Easy Way

Rahul Bakshi of SunGard Availability Services doles out managed services.

Virtualization Tools That Cost Nothing But Download Time

Flings, SDKs, open source stuff ... there's more to free tools than ESXi and the vSphere client.

Oracle Improves Sun Fire x86 Line for Private Cloud and Virtualization Deployments

Last week, Oracle rolled out enhancements to its Sun Fire x86 product, bolstering the company's line of enterprise-class rackmount and blade servers for private cloud and highly virtualized deployments.

Microsoft Extends Client Management Rights to Opalis 6.3 Users

Opalis 6.3 can now manage clients through System Center Client Management Suite or Enterprise Client Access License.

Hyper-V Licensing: Make Sure You're Compliant

Read the fine print to understand Hyper-V licensing, which comes with some caveats.

How To Upgrade vSphere 4.1 Update 1

With VMware vSphere 4.1 update 1 now generally available, what do you need to know about it and how do you upgrade to it? Let's find out.

Managing Public and Hybrid Cloud Systems

Managers are asking the tough questions about public and private clouds and it boils down to one thing: trust.