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Keeping Sales a Priority -- at The Expense of Free Tools

One of the best things about virtualization is that it lends itself to so many other great things, including partner products that supplement the larger landscape. Virtualization Review Editor Keith Ward hinted at this with a recent post. Today, Veeam Software has announced that the Veeam Backup product's offering to perform backups of the free edition of ESXi will be discontinued. The recommended path will be to use vSphere Essentials and enhanced Veeam offerings.

The bad news is that this is at VMware's request, clearly protecting revenue. Sure, terms and conditions exist for these scenarios, but a backup tool? I'm a little disappointed, as free tools round out any solution nicely, especially the small and medium business. This is where Veeam Backup has been targeted.

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Posted by Rick Vanover on 06/03/2009 at 12:47 PM


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