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My VMware Wish List

Let's face it, VMware is the virtualization platform to beat! The company has so many offerings in the space right now, that one can only take the time to make a wish list. While you might expect me to write a blog like this around the end of the year -- some sort of New Year's Resolution, as it were -- this came to me just today and I had to share it! It's not a rant, but a random collection of thoughts on VMware topics.

The VMTN Revival
This comes up from time to time and I even did an open microphone podcast about it. Basically, I'd love to see VMware offer a program where IT pros could pay for access to VMware licensing for lab use. This could be for learning new products before trying them in production, studying for certification paths, or writing a blog!

What got me thinking about this is Mike Laverick started a great discussion on the VMware Communities on this topic, one of the most active I have ever seen. I still think that Microsoft has a superior offering here and I pointed this out in my personal blog post. I think the official answer from VMware would be that they're still thinking about the right solution. The time is right and the products are rich, so I'd love to see this happen soon!

VMDK larger than 2 TB
Please. That is all.

KB Application
This has come up a few times from experts in the field like Edward Haletky who would love to see an application that allows for all of the VMware KBs to be made available for download. I think that's a great idea! Edward brings up the fact that in many situations (especially as a consultant), Web access isn't an option at all times.

I'll take that one step further. How many times have the average IT pro been "too lazy" to go look something up instead of doing it right? If we had all of those KBs on our phone or iPad, we may be more tempted to do things correctly. I'd love to see an application that has all of the VMware KB articles in one place as a download for offline access.

VMworld Ideas
While I personally think VMworld is the premier large IT event, I always have some comments on it. I'd love to see it be hosted in the Eastern part of the United States. Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, Dallas, Orlando ... heck, even New York, these would all be great cities. Meet me halfway, VMware. How about Denver?

One thing I grumbled a bit about this year is the fact the opening night of the Solutions Exchange is now Sunday night. The schedule was shifted back a bit, as surely this year's event is going to be bigger and badder than ever before, and there simply needs to be more time to squeeze it in.

Truth be told, I'd rather start earlier than cut into the precious holiday weekend. In the U.S., we celebrate Labor Day the first Monday of September. I can confirm that I am labored after VMworld, and I want that holiday break!

Tired of the Letter V
I admit I'm getting cosmetic here, but in a few years we will be absolutely sick of all of the monikers that leverage the letter V as a first letter. Heck, I don't even like being called "Rick V." I'm more casual; Rickatron suits me best.

VMware isn't the only one who fancy the letter V. EMC seems to have quite a few products starting V of late, and it seems to fit in with the general technology trends of today; but it feels like that color of paint that you know today is OK but in a few years you may regret looking at.

Your Wish List?
What you like to see from VMware in the near term? Share your comments here.

Posted by Rick Vanover on 05/30/2012 at 12:48 PM


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