On Demand

How to Lower Your AWS Spend in 2023

At this engaging and informative event, Mission CTO Jonathan LaCour and Customer Engagement, FinOps Manager, Jeremy McClay, will answer your AWS cost optimization and billing questions. In addition, they will walk you through real-world examples of how we’ve helped our customers achieve significant cost savings on AWS.

Duration: 1 hour

Enterprise Storage, Backup & Recovery Heading into 2023 Summit

Join the editors of Redmondmag.com, AWSinsider.net and Virtualization & Cloud Review have put together this free, half-day summit walking you through what you need to know to put together a comprehensive and real-world storage, backup and recovery plan for 2023. You won't want to miss it!

Duration: 3 hours

Expert Advice on Enterprise Storage, Backup & Recovery for 2023

The solution is to be prepared heading into 2023. Join Greg Schulz, Author, Sr. Analyst at Server StorageIO, Microsoft CDM MVP, and ten-time VMware vExpert, for this session discussion. Greg will discuss the above, your questions, industry trends, technologies, techniques, architectures, and related topics for your Enterprise Storage, Backup & Recovery Heading Into 2023.

Duration: 1 hour

Protecting Student Data in AWS in 2023

In this webinar, data protection experts offer solutions for lean IT and cloud teams in education organizations to better protect critical student data. Don't miss out!

Duration: 1 hour

Digital Transformation for Enterprises in 2023: Top Strategies & Getting Started Summit

Don't miss this half-day summit aimed at CIOs, CIOs, IT managers, development managers and architects focused on what digital transformation really means in 2023 plus real-world advice for getting your digital transformation underway.

Duration: 4 hours

10 Tips for Getting Started with Digital Transformation for IT Leaders

In this session, Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen will take attendees through the process from the ideation of DX opportunities through the benefit identification and solution development that targets and realizes real transformation.

Duration: 10:00am

Digital Transformation Trends for 2023: Essentials for the Discerning IT Leader

In this session Bola Rotibi, Chief of Enterprise Research at analyst and advisory firm CCS Insight, will discuss the essential trends driving digital transformation in 2023.

Duration: 1 hour

Getting to Value Faster by Increasing Operational Efficiency with Kubernetes

Kubernetes brings up a lot of foundational questions: How do we handle this cloud-native world? How do we reach operational efficiency when we're asked to do more with less? How can we gain consistency across multiple public clouds or with hybrid-cloud resources? Join us as we discuss reaching cloud-native operational efficiency with John Dwyer, Director of Product Management at VMware in this VMware Tanzu webinar.

Duration: 1 hour

Coffee Talk: Top Enterprise Wireless Network Trends for 2023

How will new wireless technologies impact other emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, the Metaverse, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Autonomous Vehicles and more? What can various industries expect to see develop as they adopt new wireless technologies? Come envision the communications future with Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen in this stimulating strategic session.

Duration: 1 hour

Demystifying Cloud Native Concepts with Nutanix

Join this session as we demystify cloud native concepts – plus learn how Nutanix can provide one platform for any Kubernetes solution to streamline and standardize cloud native application development and management from the datacenter, the edge, and multiple public clouds.

Duration: 1 hour

Cloud Native 102: The Cloud Native & DevOps Connection

In this session, we'll concentrate our discussion on Cloud Native architectures and their benefits and how DevOps plays a significant role in orchestrating these types of apps.

Duration: 1 hour

Cloud Native 101: Understanding Cloud Native Basics for Enterprises

Join Greg Schulz, Author, Sr. Analyst at Server StorageIO, Microsoft CDM MVP, and past ten-time VMware vExpert, for this session discussion. Greg will discuss the above, among other questions, industry trends, technologies, techniques, architectures, and best practices for Cloud Native in enterprise environments.

Duration: 1 hour

Cloud Native 101 for Enterprises Summit

Join the editors of Redmondmag.com, Virtualization & Cloud Review and AWSInsider.net for this free half-day summit diving into what cloud native is and why your organization may want to consider a cloud native strategy in 2023. Don't miss it!

Duration: 3 hours

The Anatomy of a Ransomware Event Targeting Data Residing in Amazon S3

Principal Security Solutions Architect for AWS, Megan O’Neil and Senior TDIR Solution Architect for AWS, Kyle Dickinson educate on what to expect if your organization encounters a security event targeting data residing in a customer’s S3 buckets. The duo explore common event patterns, leading to step-by-step guidance on how to respond to a ransomware event and best practices for recovering your data.

Let’s Unpack Zero Trust

Watch the webcast to learn more about Zero Trust — what it is, how to get started, what it can do for your organization and how to get the most out of a Zero Trust framework.

Success with Modern Work: Modernization in Action

Imaging a new workplace device used to take hours, but with today’s pre-provisioning and cloud capabilities, employees can use their personalized devices right out of the box. Watch the video to learn how provisioning devices is a better solution for today’s modern workforce and provides an improved user experience.

Automation, Cloud & DevOps Virtual Seminar

Join us to get expert advice and real-world insights that will move your automotive journey beyond the theoretical to the practical, with solutions like Red Hat Ansible leading the way. Don't miss it!

Duration: 4 hours

Ransomware Defense & Remediation Summit

Find out the best way to protect your organization against Ransomware and get your defense and recovery plans in place with this free half-day summit brought to you by the editors of Virtualization & Cloud Review, AWSInsider.net and Redmondmag.com.

Duration: 3 hours

Ransomware Defense & Remediation Best Practices Heading into 2023

Join Greg Schulz, Author, Sr. Analyst at Server StorageIO, Microsoft Cloud Datacenter Management (CDM) MVP, and previous ten-time VMware vExpert, for this session. Greg will discuss ransomware, including tools, technologies, training, testing, techniques, management, and best practices.

Duration: 1 hour

AWS Security Architecture Coffee Talk

The editors of AWSInsider.net and Virtualization & Cloud Review have brought on AWS architect Carlos Rivas for real-world tip and best practices Coffee Talk event on architecting, securing and recovering your enterprise AWS installations. He'll also be available to answer your questions. Don't miss it!

Duration: 1 hour

Hybrid Cloud Security in 2023 Summit

Join the editors of Redmondmag.com, Virtualization & Cloud Review and AWSInsider.net as they bring together independent experts to walk you through the top cloud security threats your Hybrid Cloud environment will face and what you can do to better secure it in the face of today's top threats (plus quickly and fully recover it should the worst happen). Learn more!

Duration: 3 hours

Coffee Talk: Containers, DevOps and Microservices in 2023

It’s called cloud-native because it’s the ideal architecture for cloud computing. Microservices packed in containers traverse the network at light speed, and the DevOps team has to keep the cycle of improvement going as fast as possible using Kubernetes and a host of other tools. 2023 will see enormous growth of this new way of creating success through software. You need to know how it works so you can keep up with it. Learn more!

Overcoming hybrid and multicloud challenges with HCI

Hybrid cloud is here to stay, but with increased complexity of environments and security challenges, organizations want to better manage workloads and secure data. Learn how Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) gives organizations on-premises options to gain agility, security and cloud-like consumption through partners like Nutanix.

Improving your security posture with HCI

As environments grow, so does the amount of data to manage and the responsibility put on companies to protect that data. Learn from Insight infrastructure experts about keeping your security posture strong using solutions like Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) as you navigate the waters of new technology and modernization.

Developing a modern infrastructure for modern apps

Modern applications support businesses in gaining a competitive edge by rapidly responding to the changing business environment and market demands. In this webinar hosted by Insight and Nutanix, learn about new technologies and the models that go into developing public cloud services, Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) and bridging the gap to a modern infrastructure.

As a Service: Changing the Narrative on Traditional IT

Managing multiple IT platforms and components across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments can get complicated quickly. So it makes sense that more IT decision-makers are leveraging as a service. From infrastructure to security, learn what the experts have to say about these flexible solutions.

Secure, seamless migration to Google Work

Introducing your team to Google Workspace doesn’t have to be difficult. In this webinar from Insight, you’ll learn how migrating to cloud-based tools can optimize connectivity, communication and collaboration for your workforce.

Protect data and users with Google Workspace security

Giving workers access to business-critical tools and applications without compromising data protection and network security can be a tough balancing act. Explore how Google Workspace enhances security and collaboration for your team, no matter where they’re located.

Explore the benefits of Google Workspace

Designed for a human-centric approach to work, Google Workspace delivers a comprehensive suite of tools to help your people connect and collaborate from anywhere. Learn how Google Workspace can help your enterprise maximize resources and accelerate productivity for your teams.

Getting the Most out of Microsoft Teams Rooms

Connecting with team members through a virtual meeting space is no longer optional, but a necessity in the modern workplace. Microsoft Teams Rooms is an effective way to connect distributed workers. To get the most out of your meeting experiences, watch this webinar for tips on how to plan ahead, identify use cases and prepare for a successful implementation.