The 2011 Readers Choice Awards and Ultimate Buyers Guide

Our readers rate products, and we reward them with the hands-down, most-informative, must-read print guide to virtualization and cloud products.

Welcome to the combined 2011 Virtualization Buyers Guide and Virtualization Review Readers Choice Awards. By combining these two editorial efforts, we are able to showcase both the virtualization and cloud products that you voted as your favorites and many others that will be vying for your attention during the coming year. All told, we amassed some 211 products from 106 vendors, and placed them in 15 categories for both the Readers Choice Awards and Ultimate Virtualization Buyers Guide.

Regarding the Readers Choice Awards, VMware dominated the competition, finishing first in 10 of the 15 categories, and second in another. The market leader took the top spot in everything from Server Virtualization to Best Virtualization Training Vendor. Can you say juggernaut?

Turning to the Ultimate Virtualization Buyers Guide, we extensively surveyed an industrywide list of vendors, capturing their most recent products and pricing. We also combed through submissions from last year's guide and culled out and updated many offerings that are still relevant. For more detailed information, you'll want look at the expanded PDF version of the guide, which features expanded product descriptions, and is accessible here.

About the Author

Bruce Hoard is the new editor of Virtualization Review. Prior to taking this post, he was founding editor of Network World and spent 20 years as a freelance writer and editor in the IT industry.


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