Cameyo Adds Features to App Virtualization Suite

Cameyo App Virtualization allows for virtual integration or persistent integration of apps in a virtualized environment.

Cameyo has made two important changes to its Cameyo App Virtualization suite: virtualization integration and persistent integration.

Virtual integration provides for what appears to be seamless integration within Windows Explorer. Esssentially, as apps are set for integrating within a VM, apps act as though they're integrated into the resident OS, with shortcuts to those apps in the Windows Start menu and within context menus. Apps disappear as soon as users turn off app integration. Virtual app integration can also be programmatically enabled as extensions to other environments besides Windows Explorer.

Cameyo also provides for persistent integration, with apps riding along with a user's profile as long as the profile is activated and running in a VM. As soon as the profile is shut down, the app and any traces of it are removed from that environment as well.

Cameyo App Virtualization is available now at

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