Automate Job Scheduling with ActiveBatch

New tools and services help companies make the leap to automated, cross-platform job scheduling.

Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. has announced tools and services to help companies migrate to its ActiveBatch Workload Automation tool, away from script-driven job schedulers and platform-specific scheduling tools.

According to ASCI, script-based job schedulers and scheduling tools from companies such as CA, Cisco, IBM, and BMC are neither flexible nor fast enough to keep up in environments where where internal, virtual, and cloud resources are assembled in real time, and where regulatory and SLA objectives are constantly changing.

Its solution is ActiveBatch, which is a cross-platform workload automation and job scheduling tool. ActiveBatch lets organizations centrally manage disparate jobs and workflows, including tasks involving common operating systems, enterprise business applications, and Web Services. Using a central dashboard, integrated jobs library, event-based architecture, and preconfigured job steps, ActiveBatch promises to help users expedite the IT workload automation process and optimize internal, virtual, and cloud-based resources on-the-fly.

The tools in ASCI's migration portfolio convert crosstab files, Task Scheduler jobs, and SQL Server Agents jobs for import to Activebatch. ACSI offers consulting services for help migrating from platform-specific scheduling tools.

About the Author

Christa Ayer is a freelance technology writer based in Seattle, Wash.


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