Password Manager Makes Move to the Cloud

Lieberman Software makes version of its Enterprise Random Password Manager available on Windows Azure.

For large organizations, managing privileged accounts, such as root and administrator, has been a task so sensitive it could only be handled on-premises -- until now, says Lieberman Software. The security management company is making its Enterprise Random Password Manager privileged identity management tool available on the Windows Azure platform.

ERPM automatically finds, manages, and secures superuser account credentials. Lieberman says it has extended ERPM to Windows Azure because the cloud platform is now secure enough to run ERPM and store these cryptographically sensitive "keys to the IT kingdom."

The move to the cloud is a good one for Lieberman, whose product is designed to manage and protect privileged credentials and other sensitive data generated on a massive scale in multi-tenant service provider and enterprise environments.

ERPM supports pre-built Azure images and PowerShell scripts so it can be quickly and easily deployed in an Azure environment. Via the Azure control panel, users can distribute the components of ERPM to Azure data centers anywhere in the world. ERPM leverages Windows Azure's integration with Microsoft System Center 2012 to migrate between Azure and on-premises locations, ensuring that all endpoints are securely managed through the cloud or on-site.

About the Author

Christa Ayer is a freelance technology writer based in Seattle, Wash.


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