Nimdesk Partners with Artisan on DaaS

Nimdesk partners with Artisan to let service providers brand and deploy virtual desktops.

Nimdesk and Artisan are partnering to make it easy for service providers to white-label or co-brand and deploy Nimdesk's Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution via the Artisan wholesale-only infrastructure. 

Nimdesk provides a multi-tenant desktop virtualization platform that delivers Windows or Linux desktops and applications as a cloud service from private, public, or hybrid clouds. For its part, Artisan's infrastructure lets partners retain complete control, security, and visibility while choosing, deploying, and managing their cloud solutions through Cornerstone, Artisan's virtual private data center platform.

The Nimdesk products let its partners brand or co-brand all interface panels--host on-site, co-location, or in the cloud--and generate custom administrative control portals and user Web portals to suit their needs. IT organizations can rapidly provision desktops and applications to users connected on any device. 

Nimdesk positions its DaaS solution as a version of VDI that lets admins separate management of storage, servers, virtualization platforms, images and virtual machines, and delivery mechanisms, as well as delegate control of these services discretely between the in-house IT team, and the hosting provider team. Companies can also migrate a subset of services to a hosting provider of choice.

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