XenMobile 8.7 Hardens BYOD Security

New version to be released later this month is FIPS 140-2 compliant, which will make it more readily available to government agencies who demand a more hardened security approach.

Citrix last week said that it will be releasing a new version of its XenMobile mobility management software that has compliance hooks in it that will allow deployments to comply with organizations who need more rigorously tested secure software as well as government agencies who can't use it without the added hooks.

XenMobile version 8.7 specifically now has FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption, which means that any mobile apps that are connected via this version of XenMobile will be .

The result is that any data that shuttles through XenMobile to other apps will be FIPS compliant, such as any apps that require collaboration on a mobile device. Citrix specifically mentions apps such as Microsoft Lync that might be used on a XenMobile-managed device, in which online meeting and any information stored in meeting notes and other collaborative actions would be encrypted and secured. The same would go for e-mail and any related calendar or contact items, and any SMS message exchanges via the Citrix WorxMail app, as well as FaceTime app information.

XenMobile will also be able to maintain tight controls of information exchanged with other e-mail and collaboration tools, including IBM Lotus Notes, Microsoft SharePoint, and browser and content via the Citrix WorxWeb app.

XenMobile 8.7 can also support information exchanged on Apple iOS 7- and Windows 8.1-based devices, now that it supports those OS platforms.

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