New VXL Thin Clients for Citrix and VMware Environments

VXL launches new desktop devices: the Xtona J12-z zero client, the Gio-Linux J54 desktop, and the Vtona V200 zero client.

VXL, a manufacturer specializing in thin clients, has released three new desktop devices. First, designed for the Citrix environment, the System-on-Chip Xtona J12-z incorporates HDX hardware acceleration and a TI ARM 1.0GHz processor in an ultra-slim design. The J12-z offers low power consumption of only 8.7 watts, 4GB Flash / 1GB RAM onboard, four USBs, DVI-I / DV-D ports, and Gigabit networking.

The J54 System-on-Chip desktop offers the most recent TI ARM 1.0GHz processor and runs VXL's Gio Linux operating system, making it suitable for either VMware or Citrix user environments. The J54 offers the same slim design, low power consumption, and feature set as the J12-z.

Designed with VMware Horizon View users in mind, the Vtona V200 Zero Client incorporates the Teradici 2321 PCoIP processor, making it a good fit performance-wise for cloud, virtualization, and remote desktop environments. It also supports up to two displays with up to 2560 x 1600 resolution for users running 3D graphics, CAD / CAM, and video-intensive applications.

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Christa Ayer is a freelance technology writer based in Seattle, Wash.


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