What Comes After Converged Infrastructure

Taneja Group calls the evolution "hyperconverged," but most are calling it "infrastructure in a box." Also: Take a converged infrastructure survey and win a GoPro!

If you've noticed lately, we've been working with the research experts at Taneja Group. Mike Matchett has been kind enough to provide analysis of the things near and dear to his heart on our back page column, "Take Five," for the last year. You can read his latest short take on what impact the Internet of Things will do with our lives once we can rein in the data explosion that will result from tracking all those things on the Internet.

Founder Arun Taneja was asked a few weeks ago to contribute, and he turned in a compelling story on the state of the market for converged infrastructure solutions. If you're scratching your head at the terminology, you might be more familiar with the names in that segment, companies like vBlocks, Flexpods, ConvergedSystem, and HP, to name a few.

In the article, Arun takes a step back and sees something else percolating to the top, what he and his group is calling "hyperconvergence." It's similar to converged infrastructure, but is more akin to what lots of companies already have been calling the nascent "infrastructure in a box." Nutanix and Simplivity are two players in the converged infrastructure segment who Arun believes offers such solutions.

Taneja Group is still in the midst of looking at the converged infrastructure market as it continues to mature, but wants the perspective of customers and because they've been so helpful to us, we thought we'd return the favor and use the pages of Virtualization Review to call out a survey that it's conducting on that very topic. If you could go to http://bit.ly/1mhMGF4 to find out about participating, you also have the chance to win a GoPro Silver or a $200 Amazon gift card. The rules and whatnot are at the link. Also, just so you know: Answers in aggregate will be shared with vendors, but individual answers and input will be held in strict confidence and not shared whatsoever.

Also, if vendors are interested in participating, contact [email protected].

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