SkyKick Helps Large Enterprises Make the Cloud Leap to Office 365

Organizations from 250 to 10,000 users get an easier and less risky way to move to the cloud.

Enterprises looking to move to the cloud face a tough choice. They can perform a cutover migration, which can be risky and difficult to manage because of the amount of data and number of users that need to be migrated in a very short time. Another option is a hybrid migration, which allows more time to make the switch, but requires significant expertise, upfront planning, and infrastructure upgrades.

SkyKick Enterprise Migration Suite hopes to give IT solution providers a better way to handle either approach for their enterprise clients. For cutover migrations, the suite provides tools that manage large-scale, seamless migrations with significantly less risk. And, for organizations that aren't comfortable making an immediate wholesale switch to the cloud, the suite makes possible a staged migration – which doesn't require infrastructure upgrades – as an alternative to a hybrid migration.

The Enterprise Migration Suite includes several components: Enterprise Planner, Migration Sync, Outlook and Exchange Assistants, and the Project Management Application. With the Enterprise Planner, IT solution providers can automatically discover the network and application environment, then configure a pre-deployment plan – even for advanced scenarios such as multi-domain or mixed-environment migrations – without having to go on-site, or perform Active Directory or ADFS work.

Migration Sync lets them choose either a seamless, zero-downtime enterprise-grade cutover migration from any email system, or a staged migration from Exchange or Google Apps. This eliminates the need to upgrade the enterprise's server or network environments. 

Outlook and Exchange Assistants provide pre-migration desktop and network assessments that automate much of the last mile client-side and server-side customizations that would otherwise require manual configuration.  Also included in the suite is the Project Management Application, which offers real-time visibility and control into the migration projects, simplifying the management of complex enterprise deployments.

About the Author

Christa Ayer is a freelance technology writer based in Seattle, Wash.


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