Microsoft Commits to Three Cloud Datacenters in India

CEO Satya Nadella announces the project, pegging the market at $2 trillion.

Hoping to tap into what it feels is a largely untapped cloud services market, Microsoft is opening data centers in three Indian cities by the end of 2015.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made the announcement yesterday, calling the potential market "incredible," estimated at $2 trillion.

"Last year, our cloud business in India grew over by 100 percent," Nadella was quoted as saying. "Buoyed by that success, we have now decided to offer cloud services from local data centers."

India is a rapidly-growing field for Internet use. Nadella said that there are more than 250 million Indians using connected devices, and Microsoft intends to get a big slice of that pie. He added that initial offerings from the datacenters would be Azure and Office 365 cloud-based services.

Another press report said that Nadella didn't give specifics on how much money Microsoft will be committing to the datacenters.

Nadella's announcement received little press attention, coming on the same day that Microsoft announced the next generation of its Windows operating system, Windows 10.

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