A Quick Peek into the VMware Integrated OpenStack

VMware has added a lot of value to the open source, private cloud platform.

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One of the many announcements VMware Inc. made Monday was about VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO). VIO is a fully validated, reference virtual architecture for OpenStack and VMware vSphere/vRealize.

VIO, which is free to all vSphere Enterprise Plus customers, comes as a single OVA file that can be installed in fewer than 15 minutes from the vSphere Web client. VIO support, which is optional, includes support for both OpenStack and the underlying VMware infrastructure and is charged on a per-CPU basis.

VMware brings a lot to the OpenStack table with VIO. Many common OpenStack tasks are automated and can be performed from vCenter. vRealize Operations is able to monitor OpenStack, and LogInsight can parse OpenStack logs to separate the considerable amount of log noise from actionable items.

VMware is serious about making OpenStack business-ready by deploying the OVA with business continuity features like high availability (HA) and a scale-out architecture. VMware has extensively hardened and tested VIO to ensure the best possible UX. VMware will also supply upgrades and patches for VIO.

With VIO, VMware has joined Hewlett-Packard Co., Red Hat Inc. and IBM Corp. in supporting and integrating OpenStack into the modern datacenter. 

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