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Gemini Code Assist AI: How to Get Started, Compare to GitHub Copilot

The brand-new coding assistant from Google compares nicely with GitHub Copilot. Here's how to get started.

Microsoft Security Exposure Management, Why You Should Care

After using the private preview of Exposure Management for some months, Paul outlines what it does, why you should care and raises some still unanswered questions.

Hands On with Tailscale Zero Trust Mesh VPN for the Enterprise

Tom sets up remote access to his home lab, adds Linux and cloud devices, explores Tailscale's features and technology -- and really likes what he sees.

Amazon Previews a Generative AI Assistant for AWS

Not to be outdone by ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot and Google Gemini, Amazon is currently previewing its own AI assistant for AWS, which it calls Amazon Q. Like competing AI assistants, Amazon Q could be described as a cloud-based, large language model (LLM), generative AI assistant.

In-Depth: Microsoft Defender for IoT

Paul presents a brief overview of Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT) and Operational Technology (OT), and how you can use Microsoft Defender for IoT to protect both, as well as integrate everything into a single Security Operations Center (SOC) solution.

Hands-On with UL Procyon AI Benchmarking Tool from Maker of PCMark

Tom concludes this benchmarking testing suite is not inexpensive, but considering what it does, it should be in the toolbox of corporations that genuinely care about how well their hardware performs AI tasks.

How Well Does MS Office Actually Run on Your System?

Tom is excited to see that UL Solutions has a benchmarking tool that uses MS Office tools.

Microsoft Data Governance: Preparing for the Copilots

Paul details what you need to do to prepare your business for different Copilots, because if you don't have good data governance, you'll likely have some "interesting times" ahead if you roll out the AI broadly.

Running a Free Thin-Client OS on a Sub-$100 Mini-PC

Tom's mini-PC can surf/stream, comes up short with office apps and doesn't do Windows 11, but is perfectly capable of running a thin-client OS in a VDI setup.

Performance Testing the Cheapest PC I Could Buy on Amazon

Is an $89 mini-PC adequate for home/office use? Well ...

How Usable Is a Sub-$100 Windows PC?

Tom seeks a usable low-cost PC that isn't "cheap."

A Look at Microsoft's Secure Future Initiative

Paul Schnackenburg looks at what SFI is, how it compares with Bill Gates's Trustworthy Computing Initiative (TwC) memo from 20 years ago, what Microsoft is doing technically behind the scenes, what's missing from the SFI and why he thinks Microsoft missed the mark on what really should have been the "Secure Culture Initiative."

Performance of VMware Workstation 17 VMs on a SimplyNUC Mini-PC

In his final series article, Tom puts the nifty little device through all its VDI paces -- and likes what he sees.

Installing and Running VMware Workstation 17 on a Mini-PC

In part 3 of his series on the SimplyNUC Moonstone mini-PC, Tom installs VMware Workstation on the device and runs and benchmarks the performance of a small and large Windows 10 VM.

Baseline Performance Testing the SimplyNUC Moonstone Mini-PC

In part 2 of his series, Tom benchmarks the device to have a baseline to compare the virtual machines he will run on it after installing VMware Workstation.

Running VMware Workstation on a Monster Mini-PC

Tom gets his hands on SimplyNUC's most powerful AMD-powered mini-PC, the Moonstone, sticks Workstation on it and declares: "This thing is a beast in a very small package."

Microsoft Ignite 2023: Highlights for Security-Conscious IT Pros

IT consultant and attendee Paul Schnackenburg digests many sessions to explain changes coming in the Defender suite of security products, Windows Server v.Next and SharePoint.

KubeCon 2023 North America: Tiny Containers, AI & Other Cloud-Native Goodies

A prevailing trend was the integration of AI and ML into Kubernetes environments, with a specific focus on dynamic resource allocation and the potential economic impact of generative AI.

VMware Explore 2023 Europe: A Day-by-Day Recap

Tom details his experience in Barcelona as a technologist, presenter and journalist.

Microsoft Radius, Keda, Copa and Dapr

Paul discusses the new and established offerings and how they can work together to help developers and infrastructure folks deploy and manage applications at scale.

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