Nokia Announces Open Edge 5G Cloud Solution for Datacenters

Nokia recently announced AirFrame Open Edge, a combination of server hardware and cloud infrastructure software that's designed to offer datacenters "ultra-low latency support for time-critical applications."

AirFrame Open Edge will start shipping in Q3 of this year.

According to the company, the AirFrame solution will also support the company's upcoming ReefShark chipset, which is designed for 5G. ReefShark is also scheduled to start shipping in Q3.

"The Nokia AirFrame open edge cloud infrastructure expands the Nokia AirFrame portfolio to deliver a layered network architecture that optimizes performance and operator costs as they evolve their networks and prepare for 5G," the company said of the release.

Nokia explains the importance of 5G to the datacenter cloud this way: "5G will encourage operators to implement a layered cloud architecture. This will include centralized and regional data centers as well as high-processing capabilities deployed at the network edge -- closer to where traffic is generated and where space is traditionally limited."

More information on the upcoming releases can be found using the links above.

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