Oracle Announces 'Autonomous' Cloud Databases with Built-In AI and Machine Learning

Oracle this week announced Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud, Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud, three Platform-as-a-Service databases that the company says will "automate and eliminate key tasks" for enterprises thanks to built-in algortithms.

Late last year Oracle announced what it calls the "world's first Autonomous Database for data warehouse workloads" -- Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud -- to great fanfare and released the product in January.

According to the company, these three new offerings expand on Oracle's Autonomous line and give enterprise customers "self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing" capabilities.

"Embedding AI and machine learning in these cloud services will help organizations innovate in revolutionary new ways," commented Amit Zavery, executive vice president of development, Oracle Cloud Platform, in a prepared statement.

Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud uses "crowd-sourced" data to speed up integrations; offers APIs for AI and machine learning frameworks; provides self-tuning and enables "Robotic Process Automation" for automating systems that are not API-enabled, among other functions.

Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud lets users ask questions using natural language via their mobile devices and receive "rich visualizations" and "proactive [data] suggestions" on those same devices; uses machine learning to unveil "hidden patterns" and "performance drivers"; and offers predictive analytics for large volumes of data, among other features.

And with Oracle Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud, customers receive low-code and no-code assistance in building Web and mobile applications with features that include rapid application development assistance via automated code-generation tools, and automated mobile app delivery to iOS, Android and other platforms.

For more information on exactly what the new releases offer, use the following links: Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud,  Oracle Autonomous Visual Builder and Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud.

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