AppDynamics for ACI Monitoring Solution Targets Cisco's SDN Offering

Cisco company AppDynamics unveiled a new monitoring solution for Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), the networking giant's initiative in the game-changing software-defined networking (SDN) space.

AppDynamics, acquired by Cisco in 2017, is an "applications intelligence" company said to provide real-time insights into application, user and business performance. The company says its monitoring solutions provide users with an integrated view of an application's code and the state of the underlying network in order to help operators boost performance and enhance the user experience.

"The running joke in IT is if there's a problem that can't be identified 'it's gotta be the network'" said Danny Winokur, chief product officer, AppDynamics, in a statement last week. "Combining AppDynamics' deep application insight with Cisco's network expertise gives enterprises the fastest root cause analysis, reduced risk of unexpected application outages and greater trust across teams, leading to better customer experiences and business results."

With that approach of correlating application and network data models, the company said application and network teams can follow the fastest path to remediation by identifying networking problems that affect application performance, providing these two scenarios:

  • Fastest root cause analysis -- The solution helps teams find the root cause of incidents in minutes, from the application to the network, so they can spend time fixing issues instead of searching for problems. "When the network is at fault, teams can quickly drill down from the application symptoms to the underlying network endpoints to remediate the problem and restore access with minimal disruption to the end user."
  • Reduced risk of unexpected application outages -- The effects of any changes made by NetOps to the network configuration through APIC can be seen immediately, providing, for example, critical visibility that can help avoid unexpected slowdowns. "This is only possible because NetOps team can now directly see how their changes impact application performance without leaving ACI."

The company said its AppDynamics for Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure is available now with an Advanced APM license, while visibility of application node health from within ACI is available as a beta feature.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.


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